Who We Are

DiversiFund Texas, LP, based in Fort Worth, TX, specializes in capital solutions for the small balance Commercial Real Estate Market in Texas and the surrounding five state area.

In 1989 Kevin Gahagan founded DiversiFund Texas, LP, a service oriented, client focused mortgage brokerage firm. DiversiFund acts as an advisor and Mortgage Broker arranging debt and negotiating terms primarily in the underserved Small Balance Commercial Real Estate Market in Texas and the surrounding five state area. 

DiversiFund’s principles and goals have remained unchanged since its founding; a commitment to provide the highest level of service in advising clients on their real estate financing requirements, while striving to completely understand the client’s unique needs. The goal is to deliver optimal, cost effective solutions with timely execution.

“I learned early on in my career that I should figure out what I do best and then do it really well.”

The first deal I worked on was for the conversion of a facility in a north Dallas suburb into an Adult Day Care Facility, which was a novel concept at the time.

The FDIC had appointed North Carolina National Bank to take over the failed First Republic Bank. The bank organized as NCNB to operate in Texas.  I remember thinking, “There is no way that Texas is going to accept and interloping, carpet-bagging bank from North Carolina, even if they do just use their initials.”  But the Adult Day Care deal went to NCNB, and they are still with us.  NCNB became NationsBank and NationsBank became Bank of America.

DiversiFUND Texas, LP specializes in small balance commercial and investment real estate loans with flexible terms for borrowers to secure new property, to increase the value of existing property, or to reposition the asset for a later round of permanent financing. We are committed to working with all types of borrowers no matter their background. The commercial real estate world can be hard to navigate on your own, but DiversiFUND offers years of experience to help you get the loan you need.

We will help you reach your goals by creating a trustworthy and reliable relationship so that you will feel comfortable doing repeat business with us for years to come.